The trail takes you further

Two worlds colliding

What happens if one of the world's most adventurous polar explorers and an ultra trailrunner stick their heads together? They fold out a map of one of earth's most remote places and make possible the impossible. Dixie Dansercoer has a list of achievements in polar expeditions that is beyond impressive, with many record-breaking crossings of both Antarctica and the Arctic. Dominiek De Meulemeester is a passionate trailrunner, having completed some of the most demanding races in Europe. In 2014, he ran solo from the Mediteranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean over the peaks of the Pyrenees. The crossover resulted in Trail Run Expeditions.

Trail Running

Trail running is not always about competition. Most runners will confirm that the experience and reward lie in completing a race and the ranking is just a bonus. That’s why we focus on enjoying your run, in one of the most wild places on Earth. Dominiek designed trails of 10K, 20K and 30K for each day. The result is nothing but stunning and will bring you a variety of landscapes, which will offer you the highlights of Greenland. First you will run through the hills, crossing streams and passing lakes towards the Ice Cap. Relive the Ice Age, spending a night on the second largest ice mass on Earth. The mountains will give you splendid panoramic views over the fjords and the valleys are filled with prehistoric musk oxen and reindeer. 


To live in the open is an experience on its own. The silence of a country with nearly no cars, no roads, no cellphones or e-mails and nearly no people is overwhelming. Dixie did a wonderful job organizing logistics in this remote corner of the Earth. You will sleep and cook your expedition meals in two person tents. After each run, you will be welcomed in a warm tent, offering a hot drink and dry clothes. At night, Aurora Borealis is very likely to occur. Kelly Ville, is an American scientific base located in this area because of the quality of the Northern Lights, which they study. All expedition material, tents, stoves, sleeping bags, transport, powerbanks for cameras, food,... are included. All you have to care about is run and enjoy! 

Safety above all

Every trail is clearly marked. Getting lost here is not an option. In addition every runner will be provided a satelite based gps tracker with an emergency button. Your guides are never far away and can get you out of trouble at any time. From base camp, a Garmin InReach keeps your family posted on your position. 

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