Our Mission

Trail Run Expeditions aims to provide trail runners with a unique experience of running in "far-out" places that lack any convenience but that abound with purity in a true expedition sphere.

The goal is to allow expedition members to run trails in the world’s  finest and most impressive places, embracing an ambience of discovery and camaderie that lacks any competition.

We also strive to "go places and leave no traces" so as to not derange any of nature’s beauty. We want runners to adopt an attitude of environmental awareness and we welcome each participant to become environmental ambassadors who genuinely want to protect fragile natural areas.

The runners are free to run at their own pace, but for safety’s sake stages are run as a duo. This way, risks are minimised and communications with the basecamp are better secured. The same duo will also sleep together in a tent and develop good teamwork.

Trail Run Expeditions has devised the concept with a multi-level approach in order to let runners with different capabilities feel at ease without the pressure of forced accomplishments. Anyone can choose his or her distance daily from a 10K, 20K or 30K trail.

Trail Run Expeditions is an initiative from Runcoach.be in collaboration with PolarExperience. 

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