What is the price of this trip?

The price is 2995€ without fligts because of the international character of the running expedition.   
Our partner Travel Agency Zuiderhuis can find you the best fares to go to Kangerlussuaq. 

How to book my trip?

- Click on the « I want to join » button.
- Fill out the form.
- All bookings are done by our partner travel agency Zuiderhuis.
- Anne-Sophie or Katrien willl contact you shortly after completing our booking request.

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When do the Trail Run Expeditions take place?

In 2018 you can book your trip from May until mid-June and from September until mid-October. The temperatures are most comfortable in these periods. We avoid summer, because of the mosquitos present in July and August. Please go to the booking page to find dates. 

How many participants are there?

Trail Run Expeditions are open for runners from all over the planet. We limit the group to 30 participants. 

How cold is Greenland?

Temperatures vary between 0°C and 15°C in the periods of travel, but a colder day can occur. The night that we sleep on the Ice Cap will be in freezing temperatures. All information about what to wear will be provided in preparation to your trip. The expedition team makes sure you are welcomed in a warm tent, provides hot drinks and distributes warm and dry clothes immediately after your run. The expedition material, such as tents, stoves and sleeping bags fullfill the highest standards of polar expedition material. 

What do I take with me? 

A list of personal equipment and clothes to take with you will be provided by your guides if you book this trip. All expedition material, transport and food are included, so we tend to keep your luggage as functional and minimal as possible. 

Do I have to carry stuff while running? 

Other than your running backpack with the obligatory material, there’s nothing to worry about. We set up camp and make sure your personal goods are transported every day. 

Do I need to prepare myself specifically? 

Either if you plan to run 10K, 20K or 30K a day, each participant should be physically and mentally fit. A medical form signed by your general practitioner is obligatory. In preparation of your trip, training and tips can be obtained on demand. During the expedition, you can choose each day to do either 10, 20 or 30K, according to how you feel. 

Are there polar bears in the region?

This far inland, polar bears are unseen. There is no risk at all for an encountar with this beautiful, yet dangerous animal. 

What about other wildlife?

The most impressive animals that will surely cross your path on this adventure are musk oxen. They look like bisons. Keeping your distance is the attitude to adopt. After all, this is their home and we are just passing through. 

What to expect in Old Camp?

In Old Camp, you will stay with the other participants on the first  and last day of your Trail Run Expedition. Our hut provides beds up to 34 people, 2 beds a room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and two dining places with tv. Breakfast is served from 7a.m. to 9a.m.

Where to eat on the day of arrival and last evening?

All expedition food and breakfast at Old Camp is included. To leave you some freedom, you can choose from cooking your own meals on these two occasions or visit a restaurant. Choice is very limited, as there is one supermarket and about 3 restaurants in Kangerlussuaq. The restaurant at the airport is the most frequented and offers very good value for a fair price. 

How to get there? 

Because of the international character in Trail Run Expeditions, flights are not included. Our booking agent can find you the lowest fares to fly from your destination towards Kangerlussuaq. For Europe, direct flights go from Copenhagen. You can of course choose to book your flights personally. 

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us on TwitterFacebook or our contact webpage.

You don’t have to pay yet.
Anne-Sophie or Katrien from 
Zuiderhuis will contact you soon.